About us

We are IT experts who deliver world-class results for our ambitious customers. We deliver customer-oriented solutions for your digital IT transformation.

We have been operating as a system house in Dormagen since 1991 and offer small and medium-sized companies customized solutions for all IT problems.

We believe that a supplier should not only know the hardware and software requirements - he should also know the work of the company in order to be able to help with the selection of the right solution.

We offer a broad range of IT consulting services and create integrated solutions that increase your profitability. As a partner of leading providers in the IT sector, we are always up to date with the latest technologies and are able to maintain a high standard of quality.

We gain an insight into our customers' specific problems through intensive involvement with their industry. This enables us to develop not only practical, but also practical solutions that contribute to increasing our customers' productivity.

Our aim is to provide the right solution at the right price. The right solution requires the inclusion of many different aspects of IT and consists of a mixture of hardware, software, consulting, system integration, hotline support and maintenance.